Pool Practice

Pool Practice 4.2

Shoot all the red balls into the six pockets located on the edges of the table
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Pool Practice is a game that lets you exercise and improve on your abilities in this sport, while offering a quite enjoyable pastime. Beginners may find in this game a good chance to learn to play, because as its name reads, it is only a practice, that is to say, it does not offer tournament modes, nor game variants, nor even levels of difficulty to set. The objective of the game is to put the ten red balls into the pockets. For that, the first step is to determine the position of the white ball on the table with a mouse click. Pressing the left mouse button, you will be able to set the intensity or speed of the shot, and a click will release the ball. Once the objective is achieved, that is to say, once you have pocketed the ten balls, the game finishes. You will receive 1000 points per every ball that you pocket, and a bigger amount will be awarded for consecutive pockets. If you manage to get a high score, you have the chance of seeing your name on the online scores, where you can challenge players from all parts of the world.
On the other hand, the game features a nice graphic interface, with modest but effective animations and sound effects. Besides, it is absolutely free; it will only show you an ad after you finish your game.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Provides some minutes of entertainment
  • Easy and uncomplicated gameplay
  • No nag screens, or adverts during the game
  • Free


  • Short gameplay
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